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Concrete predals

If aesthetic value is attached to molds where exposed concrete should serve as the standard, then we can offer assistance here. Precasts in visible concrete should not be confused with industrial non-visible concrete.

columns, predals
  • Lommel
  • 2020

Project Lommel

A very nice project with concrete columns and predals in Lommel. Qulaco is very proud of this beautiful realization.

  • Lommel
  • 2020

Project Lummen

Qulaco placed beautiful predals on this building, certainly an enormous added value for this beautiful project in Lummen.

We are glad to help you.

Qulaco is ready to answer your questions, we love to participate and advice you in project. We'll take care of everything into the finest detail.

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Together with our team of professionals and our flexibility, we are able to align our concrete production with the planning of our customers.